There are three categories of ATCO Membership:

  • Voting Membership is open to Local Authority Officers who have significant responsibility for providing passenger transport services, infrastructure or publicity, and to officers working for organisations to which local authorities have delegated responsibility for these activities.
  • Non-Voting Membership is open to persons whose employment is not with a transport operator, but is otherwise passenger transport related, and whose duties would not qualify them to be a Voting Member.
  • Retired Membership is open to former voting and non-voting members who are no longer substantively employed in the passenger transport field and who would otherwise no longer qualify for membership of the Association.

Membership applications must include a brief statement of duties and be submitted for consideration. They must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. Approval is normally a formality provided the applicant meets the requirements of the Association.

The current membership fee is £50. Applicants who have not previously been members of ATCO pay £40 for their first year's membership. Former members of ATCO who are re-joining pay £50 and for retired members (£30).

More Information

Further information about the Association, and Membership application forms, are available from:

Hermes House
Tunbridge Wells

Tel no: 0844 209 6556
Fax no: 0844 209 6557
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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